[Un] Seen, 2019

installation views:
[Un] Seen
Arthouse 1
London, 2019

'Broken Line' is comprised of 49 square mirrors, placed upright at a 45° angle to the joints between the floorboards. A broken line appears at a right angle to the floor joints which splits the room in two. The broken line reminds of a dashed line in a floor plan. In a similar way, the line is not of any material substance. And yet it is there because we can see it. This highlights the question of what is "real".

'Echoes I - XIV' are a series of wall paintings which play with our perspective of the room. All of the 14 short sections of the walls that are parallel to the walls with windows are painted with an image of themselves. They partly mimic the same section of the wall, but slightly shifted, so that the wall appears as a double exposure, both of itself and of its image. A double exposure is something that only exists in an image, but here it is transferred into the physical space. Or it could be put the other way round - meaning the space itself is turned into an image. This makes the room lose its material density. And this, in turn, corresponds to our loss of groundedness and orientation as we are increasingly connected to the world through digital media. In other words, images have become equal elements of our perceived environment as well as the natural and built environments.

I came across a quote from the American architect Peter Eisenman that I would like to mention in this context: 'Opposite to painting (perspective creates a more real space), in architecture perspective enabled the possibility of using walls in a representative way and by that means turned a real space into a space that creates illusion. It has been new that architecture became itself the representation of architecture, imitated reality.'