Korrektur der Gegenbewegung, 2022

Korrektur der Gegenbewegung

print on wallpaper, print on roll-up banner
248 x 360 cm
installation view: EIKON Schauraum, Q21 Schauräume / MuseumsQuartier Wien


Korrektur der Gegenbewegung (Correction of Countermovement) deals with the spatial perception of the big city in motion. Impressions of the fragmentary and fleeting emerge, as they are familiar from transit situations. The view from a moving car through grid structures transforms the passing facades into rushing disturbing images. In passing, the view of blinds behind reflecting shop windows evokes images of urban flickering. The graphic structure of the Novotel in Vienna, shot on camera from a train, is translated into rhythmic architectural fragments. Repetitive sequences that evoke vibrating and pulsating patterns and overwhelm the eye are reminiscent of visual means of Op-Art. 

At the EIKON Schauraum, Sinta Werner has developed a site-specific work that responds to the special situation of the showcase-like exhibition space. Through the passage, the work is perceived as it passes by: The changing viewpoint activates the three-dimensional photographic work and makes it appear as a moving image. The movement of the spectator alongside the image responds to the strolling of the passer-by in the urban space and interprets the aggregate state of the city as flow and acceleration.