45°CCW, 2014

MDF, wood, paint, metal ring, LED strip
installation views:
'Plato's Third Eye'
Prague, 2014

In the exhibition beginning Sinta Werner presents her material version of the “Circular Marquee Tool” tool in Photoshop. While it is the matter of a few clicks and certain prowess of handling the computer to pick any part of an image and manipulate it in an arbitrary way, an effort to construct a similar illusion in the material setting of the gallery space is very difficult, if not almost impossible. The communication between the artist and the viewer is in this case a game of perception par excellence, as the illusion works just from a single viewpoint. Along with the viewer strolling through the gallery space, the perfect depiction of a half-transparent, rotated section falls apart and we disclose how the delusion was made, which is as important as the functioning of the illusion itself. (Karina Kottova)